5 Reasons To Check The Skip Bin Sizes Before You Pick Them

When it comes to skip bin sizes, there are a few things you need to know.

You need to consider everything from what you’re getting rid of, what space you have to store a skip bin, and how heavy your waste is. 

We’ve put together a list of 5 reasons why you need to check the skip bin sizes before you pick them, which will help you clear up any confusion you may have on the topic. 

1. The size of your rubbish skip bin matters. 

When hiring a skip bin, there is no formula for how much waste it will hold, as it varies from one location to the next and also depends on the materials being used.

In most cases, a skip bin of 2-3 cubic meters is enough to cater for one week’s worth of rubbish in an average home or office, although you need to factor in that you may add more waste at any time during your hire.

If you are dealing with large volumes of waste or you want to be at ease knowing that your bin is big enough for all your rubbish, hiring a skip bin of 5 cubic meters or more will provide you with more than enough space.

2. Depending on what you’re disposing of, you may need different sizes.

Most skip bin companies offer a range of different bins catered specifically for certain types of waste, which are usually different sizes to accommodate both the size and the weight of the disposal.

For example, bricks and pavers are best disposed of in skips of 3 cubic meters or more due to their heaviness and size, while standard household waste can sometimes be accommodated in a skip bin that is 2 cubic metres, depending on the volume.

3. The cost of your skip bin will depend on the size you choose. 

There are two main factors that determine the cost of a skip bin: what you’re disposing of and the size of bin you need.

 If you’re working with a strict budget, you’ll want to be mindful of what you’re spending on your skip bins. 

You will probably pay more for a bigger skip bin, so it’s best to know how much waste you need to dispose of before choosing the size.

“This will allow you to save money by hiring a small skip bin instead of an unnecessarily large one.”

On the other hand, sometimes it’s more cost-effective to choose the larger size. 

If your project ends up involving more waste than you initially thought, you’ll be glad you picked the larger size rather than having to order another small bin to finish up. 

Waste Sorting. Unrecognizable Female Throwing Paper Bag Into Blue Garbage Recycle Bin

4. You’ll need to know what size of bin will fit your space. 

Most skip bin hire companies have a minimum and maximum size for their bins, so you need to make sure that your selected dumpster will fit in the designated parking space in your location. 

This is especially important if you are using your own property as well as if you are renting or leasing a business premise. 

If there are any restrictions on parking space dimensions that you need to worry about, do not hesitate to clarify the details with your chosen company. 

5. You could end up saving a lot of money. 

Some companies offer discounts on their skip bins if you’re willing to choose a smaller bin. 

If you are disposing of little to no material during your project, this can mean huge savings for your budget.

However, some companies may charge you extra if they find out that the skip bin is only partially used and it means that they have to move it to the disposal site more often.

In some cases, you can save money by choosing the larger size. 

For example, if you are doing a large renovation or landscaping project, hiring a large skip bin may be a better alternative than hiring two smaller ones. 

The price of larger skip bins will depend on the volume of waste that they can hold, and where you live.


It’s important to be mindful of the size skip bin you need before hiring one. 

If there are any restrictions on parking space dimensions that you need to worry about, do not hesitate to clarify the details with your chosen company. 

It is also worth knowing what materials will work best in which sizes so that you can make an informed decision as soon as possible and save money by avoiding unnecessary hires if needed. 



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