Where can & can’t you place a skip bin?

The last thing you want in the middle of a renovation or project is for the council to interfere with your skip bin hire. Knowing where you can and can’t place a skip bin on private property and public will save you a headache in the future.

While these top places of where you can and can’t put a skip bin will give you a basic guideline to follow, it’s still best to check with your local council and skip bin hire company. Every location is a little different, so it’s best to be sure!

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Where You Can Place a Skip Bin

Private Property

Placing a skip bin on private property, such as your driveway or yard, is usually the easiest and most convenient option.

Since you have full control over the property, you generally don’t need any permits or permissions to place the skip bin in these areas. Again, double check with your local council as they may have conditions about placing skip bins in your front yard or driveway.

If you are placing a skip bin on your property, ensure there is enough space for the skip bin and it doesn’t obstruct any entrances or exits. It is also essential to consider the weight of the skip bin and the suitability of the ground to support it.

Construction Sites

Construction sites often require skip bins for efficient waste management. In these cases, skip bins are commonly placed on-site, ensuring easy access for workers to dispose of construction debris and waste.

It is important to allocate a designated area for the skip bin that does not obstruct construction activities or pose safety hazards. Consult with the construction site supervisor to determine the best location for the skip bin.

Commercial and Industrial Areas

Skip bins are frequently used in commercial and industrial areas to handle large quantities of waste generated by businesses. These areas usually have ample space for skip bin placement, such as loading docks or designated waste disposal areas.

However, it is essential to check with the property management or local council for any specific requirements or guidelines. Some commercial and industrial areas may have regulations regarding the size and placement of skip bins to ensure proper waste management.

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Where You Can’t Place a Skip Bin:

Public Streets and Footpaths

Placing skip bins on public streets or footpaths typically requires a permit from the local council. Each council has its own regulations regarding skip bin placement on public property to ensure safety, accessibility and minimise disruption to the public.

Contact your local council to understand the permit requirements and any restrictions that may apply.

In some cases, the skip bin provider may assist you in obtaining the necessary permits.

Nature Strips

Nature strips, also known as verge areas, are the grassy areas between the street and the property boundary. In most cases, skip bins cannot be placed on nature strips without proper permission.

Local council regulations vary, and some may allow skip bins on nature strips with a permit, while others may prohibit it altogether. Always consult with your local council for guidance to avoid any penalties or fines.

Fire Hydrants and Emergency Access Points

Skip bins should never obstruct fire hydrants or emergency access points. These areas must remain clear at all times to ensure quick and unimpeded access for emergency vehicles.

It is illegal and highly unsafe to place a skip bin in front of or blocking these crucial access points. Ensure the skip bin is positioned far enough away from these areas to comply with safety regulations.

Obstructing Pedestrian Pathways

Skip bins should not obstruct pedestrian pathways, sidewalks or public access areas. It is essential to maintain safe and unobstructed paths for pedestrians to navigate without hindrance or risk.

Prohibited Zones

Certain areas may have specific regulations or restrictions on skip bin placement, such as heritage sites, environmentally sensitive areas or high-security zones. These restrictions aim to protect the integrity of the site, preserve the environment, or maintain security measures.

Always research and consult with the relevant authorities to determine if skip bin placement is permitted in these areas. Violating these regulations may result in significant penalties and legal consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a skip bin on the road?

If you can put a skip bin on the road will depend on your local council. Some councils will allow you to place a skip bin on the road, providing it’s not blocking traffic. You may also need a permit. Other councils will not allow skip bins on public property and will require them to be on private property only.
On the Gold Coast, you will generally need a temporary permit from the Gold Coast City Council to place a skin bin in any public area, like the side of the road, on nature strips or even on an easement. Not acquiring the correct permit may incur a fine from the council, which is something everyone wants to avoid.

Can you put a skip bin out the front of your house?

Skip bins can be placed and kept out the front of your house. If you are placing the skip bin on private property, like in your own yard, you can do so freely without a permit. However, if the skip will be on public land, such as the footpath, side of the road or other public property, you will need to seek permission and a permit from your local council. You may also need permission from your real estate or body corporate if you are renting, in an apartment or other shared land properties. 
When placing a skip bin out the front of your house, ensure it will not be under any hanging trees or power lines to allow for easy and safe access for your skip bin delivery person. Depending on what is being put in the skip bin and how long you will rent the bin, you may want to take into account any smells or dust that will be close to any windows or doors.

Can I place a skip bin on my driveway?

You can place a skip bin on your driveway if the driveway itself and any fencing and gates are wide enough. Check the measurements of the skip bin you need before booking or check with your skip bin hire company to ensure your driveway is wide enough for the skip bin, and if your gate has enough width to allow access to the delivery truck.



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