Why Are Mini Skip Bins More Popular For Residential Use?

As far as skip bin hire goes, the most popular sizes in the industry are the small and medium sized skips.

Even though larger businesses can typically afford to pay for larger bins to be delivered and collected regularly, smaller businesses, and residential customers favour mini-skip bins for their affordability and convenience.

A mini skip bin is a type of waste container that has a capacity of between two and four cubic meters. 

Because mini skip bins are so popular for residential use, it’s important to understand why they have become the preferred option over larger skips.

What Can Mini Skip Bins Be Used For?

To fully understand why mini skip bins are the more popular option for residential use, it’s helpful to know what a mini skip bin is generally used for. 

Mini skip bins can be used to take care of a variety of residential and small business needs.

Many people use mini skip bins for cleanouts where they combine a range of different types of waste, such as general household trash, yard waste, and electronics. 

Cleanouts are usually needed when a person moves homes or is going through a major renovation.

Other types of jobs that require a mini skip include packing up a store or office before it closes, or emptying out an elderly person’s home after they died.

Some other common things that people use their mini-skip bins for are as follows: 

  • Junk removal from construction sites 
  • General rubbish from households 
  • Garden waste removal
  • Cleanup after an event or gathering
  • Bulky items from the garage 
  • Removing the remains of a move 
  • Paving projects
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Why Are Mini Skips More Popular With Residential Customers?

The main reason that mini skip bins are more popular with residential customers is price.

There are two main factors that influence the price of mini skip hire: delivery cost and collection cost. 

When you look at mini skip hire and other skip sizes, you’ll see that mini-skip bins have the lowest delivery and collection costs.

This is because you only pay for the actual size of skip bin which you need, unlike larger skips where customers pay a flat fee regardless of how much space they use.

Another reason why people prefer to rent mini-skips for residential jobs is convenience.

Mini skips can be delivered to almost any property, no matter how small or large the yard might be. Some smaller households don’t have a driveway, which makes it impossible to park an 8-yard skip, let alone a 15-yard bin! 

Here are a few other reasons to convince you why mini skip bins are great for residential use: 

The size is practical. 

Smaller skips are more convenient because they can be placed in small areas, including compact car parks, narrow driveways and other small spaces. For those who don’t have a lot of space for storing waste, modern mini-skips are the answer.

They hold more. 

Mini skip bins make it possible to dispose of household and work debris in one go. Smaller properties and business premises might only produce a small amount of waste on a regular basis, but the waste generated isn’t any less valuable.

Mini skip bins can be loaded and emptied quickly with specialist equipment. 

Because modern mini skips are small enough to transport with a car, they can be filled and emptied very quickly by using specialized waste removal equipment and trucks equipped with hydraulic arms that lift and empty bins quickly and efficiently. 

They are economically efficient.

Smaller skip bins mean that waste management companies can offer cheaper rates for smaller households, or business premises who produce less waste output. It’s unlikely that you will ever pay the same amount to rent a mini-skip than you would to hire one of the larger varieties.

They are more flexible and customizable than larger skips. 

With a larger industrial skip you pay for the space you use, and that’s about it.

With mini skips, however, the bins can be customized even further by changing their positioning or adding extra features like ramps to make them more accessible for loading bulky items.

The flexibility of modern mini-skips makes this kind of customization possible, and most waste management companies will be happy to work with you to provide the perfect mini skip for your specific needs.


With these reasons in mind, it’s easy to see why mini skip bins are more popular with residential customers than larger skips.

They’re also great for smaller businesses who don’t generate too much waste at once.

So if you have a small renovation project at home or are finally cleaning out that garden shed, a mini skip bin may just be the perfect tool to help you get the job done!



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